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Understanding “Acts of God” and Car Insurance

Understanding “Acts of God” and Car InsuranceCar insurance isn’t just to cover you while you are driving.  With comprehensive car insurance coverage, you likely have coverage against “acts of God.”  This coverage is for natural disasters, freak accidents, and the many other events in which no one party is at blame.  Most commonly, acts of God are related to whether, like when the wind blows a tree onto your car and crushes it completely.

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Anyone who lives in hurricane, earthquake or tornado country knows about the damage that acts of God can take.  Yet, few people consider this damage when they take out car insurance policies.  Even if you have faith in God, keep in mind that God gave us the gift of forward thinking so we could take actions to protect ourselves against dangers!


Luckily, comprehensive car insurance which includes acts of God is not usually much more expensive.  If you have to make a claim on because of an act of God, like a tornado sucked up your car and spit it into pieces, then you will be covered.  Your premiums are not likely to rise for a single act of God claim because these claims are not preventable and no one is at fault.


If you don’t have act of God coverage, there is a small chance that other car insurance companies could use it to their advantage to avoid paying you when their drivers are at fault.  For example, let’s say a guy is driving, hits an icy patch, and skids into you.  The guy’s car insurance company may say that they are not liable to pay because it was an act of God.  Since you are not covered from acts of God, then you will not get reimbursed.


It is not common for insurers to claim “act of God” in situations where there is someone driving the vehicle.  These cases can be contested in court and you are very likely to win.  However, you will first have to go through the ordeal of filing your case and a significant amount of your awarded damages may end up going to legal fees.Understanding “Acts of God” and Car Insurance


If you are struggling financially and need to save every penny on your car insurance premiums, then you may be able to get away with the most basic collision and state-required liability coverage.  However, if you have a newer car, it is unwise not to get comprehensive car insurance, even if you don’t live in an area known for natural disasters. IF you still are in debt on your vehicle, then you also must have comprehensive car insurance coverage.


Even if you do have comprehensive car insurance, make sure you carefully read which types of acts of God are covered and which are not.  If you live near a river and flood damage is not covered, then you may need to alter your policy.   Never assume that you are covered for all those unforeseeable events.